ECB ACO represents Scorers and Umpires and is responsible for the recruitment, training and development of all officials for and on behalf of the national governing body, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB).

Our Aim is to develop confident, competent umpires and scorers to manage and guide cricket matches at every level from ‘Playground to Test Arena'.

Our Commitment is to provide a 'pathway' of training and development to enable everyone, including you, to progress at your own pace, to whatever level you aspire, be it at school, club, County or International level.

Our Structure relies on the support of our core volunteer work-force, consisting of 300 regional and county officers who arrange and manage our training and development programmes locally. ECB ACO is established as an independent association with the wholehearted support of the ECB.

 All you need to do is download and complete the application and direct debit form (765 KB) and send to the Membership Services team at the following address: ECB ACO, Business & Membership Services, ECB Offices, Warwickshire County Cricket Club, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B5 7QX.

Existing members can update their personal information and check their membership details on the ECB ACO membership website.

What you will get from joining ECB ACO:

  • Membership of the national association for umpires and scorers ‘Currently the biggest association of officials worldwide’
  • Insurance ‘As an ECB ACO member, you’ll receive cover regardless of your age’
  • Safeguarding ‘to become an ECB ACO member, you have to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) form, paid by ECB’
  • Access to ACO merchandise and clothing ECB ACO merchandise can be viewed and purchased here (please note you will need your unique ECB ACO membership number to make a purchase)
  • Newsletters ‘Arriving on your doorstep four times a year, the newsletter caters for both scorers and umpires. Clickhere for archived issues’
  • Appointments ‘Officiating at varying levels, all appointments to ECB competitions are made herewhich as a member, you will have access to
  • Mentoring and Coaching ‘To assist your development, we offer coaching and mentoring as you go through the umpire and scorer pathways’
  • Observation of Performance and Grading ‘You can be observed and graded at any point during the season which more often than not, provides you with constructive feedback’
  • Asics offer 'As a member you can buy Asics cricket and running shoes at trade price - click here for more details. You will need your unique ECB ACO membership number to make a purchase.'
  • Total Cricket Scorer offer 'As a member you can buy TCS at a 25% discount.'

For more information or assistance contact: Telephone: 0121 446 2710 / email:

Membership classes

Full membership (including EC members) - payment method, Direct Debit - £30/Cheque - £32.

Includes full insurance cover and is open to anyone who is an active official on the field or off the field in the role of a trainer/assessor. Prospective members must have a valid DBS.

Young Officials membership - payment method, Direct Debit - £15/Cheque - £17.

Open to all in the age group 14-25. Full insurance cover will be provided once the member has reached their 16th birthday. They must have completed a vetting check and also if between the ages of 14-18, they must complete a Young Officials Form.

Associate membership (Includes Overseas members) - payment method, Direct Debit - £15/Cheque - £17.

Available to individuals who are no longer actively involved in officiating. No insurance is provided and DBS clearance is not required.

Subscription rates

Type of member

Direct Debit

Cheque/credit card




Associate (non active)



Young official (14-25)




Can pay by bank transfer

36 Euros


Can pay by bank transfer

28 Euros


Membership processing will take up to 10 weeks if you have to complete a vetting check. If you already have a valid vetting check, membership will take four to six weeks.

This includes payment processing and the production of your membership pack. All direct debit subscriptions are collected on or around 15th of every month.