Further & Higher Education 

The 16-19 year old age bracket is hugely significant in cricket, as players often experience changes in their personal lives which can have an impact on their enjoyment of the game.

Further Education

For this reason, ECB are keen to invest resources in retaining and recruiting players within Further Education, by providing the opportunity for students to enjoy their cricket with their friends, at their college.

Through our partnerships with British Colleges Sport and Association of Colleges, we have been able to create a ‘base offer’ that provides access to cricket for all Further Education colleges in England and Wales, all year round, and build a platform for CCBs to add value locally to help support the retention and recruitment of young players.

This will be done through three key stages across the academic year:

Term One – Intra-college cricket through the BCS Indoor 24 programme

Term Two – Continuation of intra-college activityprogressing to Regional and National inter-college Indoor 24

Term Three – Progression to hard ball cricket outdoors, through the Regional inter- college BCS T20 competition

BCS Indoor 24

The Indoor 24 programme is aimed at people of all gender and ability, and encourages them to play with and against each other in formats of the game, which will challenge some of the pre-conceptions that are applied to traditional cricket.


Indoor 24

Organised locally by student volunteers, the programme will encourage development of an indoor intra-college league, using the fast paced, fully inclusive, six a side game called Indoor 24.

Games are played with a softer ball, so there is no need for pads, gloves or helmets. All playing kit is provided by ECB, making it easy for people to enjoy playing cricket.

All volunteers can access our online support package, which will help them run their sessions and ultimately a league. To view the support page, please click here.

BCS Regional T20

Through BCS, we have also been able to launch an inter-college T20 Regional competition. We are encouraging participation from all colleges, but particularly those that don’t have access to cricket facilities, and have therefore felt in the past that they could not provide cricket as a playing option to their students.


British Colleges Sport

With assistance from our County Cricket Boards, we will provide a link between colleges and local clubs, encouraging a mutually benefitting partnership which will see colleges using the club facilities for their fixtures.

In addition, ECB will provide two ACO qualified umpires for each match, to ensure that the games are played in a fair and professional manner, and that the players can fully enjoy their game experience.

BCS will collate all entries and deliver the competition, which will see all participating colleges playing a minimum of three regional fixtures in the season.

To find out more about Indoor 24 or the Regional T20 competition, please contact Cameron Hastie on 01935 823444 or email cameronhastie@bcsport.org