Cumbria County U15 Cricket report for 2012

The fixtures were cut to 16 as opposed to 20+ in previous seasons. These games against Rossall, Sedbergh and Ampleforth schools had helped identify those who were up to the standard required to play County cricket. With the weather affecting other fixtures the lads had to be judged on the winter nets, which do not always work. Despite these handicaps all of the boys showed improvement in their ability from the start of the campaign.

The opening match verses Northumberland was cancelled due to rain and this prepared us for what was to come in probably the wettest summer on record. Of the games that we did play before the Oxford festival the wickets were damp/wet therefore low scores were the recipe of the day.

Out of the 8 ECB games only 3 were played, against Derbyshire, Scotland and Lincolnshire all at home. We ended up winning the game with Scotland and losing narrowly to Derbyshire and Lincolnshire.

In the two friendly fixtures played we lost away to Yorkshire with a weakened side and comfortably despatched Cleveland away.

Friendly; 15th May -Northumberland away- match cancelled

ECB cup; 4th June- Derbyshire home- lost by 2 runs               

Derbyshire 140 all out- (J.Portman 3-18, L.Hull 3-25, J.McNicholas 2-29)

Cumbria 138 all out - (A.Hart 40)

Friendly; 10th June- Yorkshire B away- lost by 6 wickets

                          Cumbria 96 all out (A.Hart 28, H.Grant 21)

                          Yorkshire 99-4(L.Armstrong 3-20)

ECB cup; Lincolnshire away-cancelled due to rain

ECB cup; Durham home-cancelled due to rain

ECB cup; Scotland away-cancelled due to rain

Friendly; 3rd July - Cleveland away-won by 3 wickets

Cleveland 147 all out (J.Hodgson 4-5)-

Cumbria 148-7 (H.Grant 35,K.Trevaskis 30)

ECB cup; 8th July -Scotland- won by 19 runs

                    Cumbria 134-9(J.Portman 43)

                    Scotland 115 all out (J.Hodgson 5-28, J.Portman 3-21)

ECB cup; Durham away-cancelled due to rain

ECB cup; Derbyshire away-cancelled due to rain

ECB cup; 31st July-Lincolnshire home lost by 7 wickets

                    Cumbria 121-6 (N.Waterson 34, A.Hart 32)

                   Lincolnshire 122-3(L.Hull 2-31)

Festival at Oxford 06 August -10th August

Monday-Hertfordshire -won by 5 wickets

     Hertfordshire 219-7 (N.Waterson 4-51, W.Benson 2-48)

     Cumbria 220-5 (N.Waterson 55*, A.Hart 53,Csutton 32,H.Grant 21, J.Portman 20)

Tuesday-Norfolk- lost by 5 wickets

   Cumbria 218-5(A.Hart 95,N.Waterson 70)

   Norfolk 219-5(A.Hart 2-26)

Wednesday- Bromsgrove cc -Friendly 40 over match

  Cumbria 225-5 (C.Sutton 122*, H.Grant 50, E.Malloy 31)

  Bromsgrove 102 all out (L.Hull 3-13, N.Waterson 2-9)

Thursday- Oxfordshire- lost 55 runs

                 Oxford 222 (A.Hart 3-20, W.Benson 2-43, L.Hull 2-47)

                 Cumbria 167 all out. (K.Trevaskis 43, A.Hart 32)

Friday-Gloucester- lost by 84 runs

            Gloucester 265 all out (A.Hart 3-42,J.McNicholas 3-44)

            Cumbria   181-9 (C.Sutton 78, H.Grant 33)

Full season Results

Won 4

Lost 6

Rained off 6


Despite a lot of rain and cancelled fixtures it was obvious from parents comments that the development of the team had been accomplished. Several of the players who had previously shown potential had now come of age.