Cumbria Schools Cricket Association

u11’s - 2013

Match Report





Wednesday 19th June


Maltby CC


Clear hot Sunny


Cleveland won the toss & elected to Field. 40 Over Match


Patrik Savage was promoted to opener partnering Oscar Link – Sure steady start, missing some loose deliveries, 16 off the first 8 when Patrik was bowled (6). Adam Murphy batted 3 – Another steady partnership, 64 for 2 off 26, Murphy out for 9. Robbie O’Neil didn’t get going on this occasion, out for 1 in the 29th Over (69). Oscar began to accelerate but when on 39 he was run out backing up – a dropped catch straight drive from Scott McGowen bounced onto the stumps Very unlucky 102 for 4 off 36. Charlie Walker joined McGowen – he too didn’t get going bowled for 2. Dan Craghill (9) & McGowen (22n.o.) concluded the innings

Cumbria 123 for 6 in 40 Overs



Owen Bell & Luke Armstrong opened the Cumbrian attack – Both had no luck but like the rest of the Cumbrian attack were bowling far too many wides / No Balls. Adam Murphy, Brodie Glendinning, Will Yarker, Jamie Butterworth, Sam Thompson & Scott McGowen were all tried – Will taking the only bowling wicket. We did manage a run out following a bizarre bating mix up.

Cleveland 127 for 2 (27.1 Overs)


Steady batting by the lads – Certainly comfortable but were once again shown how to put away the poor delivery. Given the fantastic playing conditions provided by Maltby we felt 150+ would have been a more realistic target to set.

The fielding was not as good as previous outings, couple of dropped chances & some silly errors giving away boundaries. We were rather excessive in the wides / No Balls department – An area we had game on game improvements – Something the squad have been asked to work on prior to our next outing in Yorkshire next week.



Our thanks to everyone at Maltby making us very welcome. A special thank you to Damian, AKA Carl who once again scored for us – Superb job – Have a colourful score book to assist me write up / provide this summary report.








Cumbria Schools Cricket Association

u11’s  - 2013

Match Report





Thursday 13th June


Silverdale CC


Overcast damp start



Lancashire won the toss & elected to field. 40 Over Match


Oscal Link & Dan Craghill opened sadly by the 4th over both were back in the pavilion – 5 for 2 off 4. Partick Savage & Robbie O’ Neil posted the best partnership of the season thus far – Taking the score to 72 in the 28th Over, steady start to the partnership then increasing the run rate to almost 3 & looking to increase at a greater rate – looking at a total of @ 160+ However The Lancs skipper swapped the spinners around & Stanford from the Sea end found his line & length – taking 4 wickets in 3 overs – Savage (24), O’Neil (36) back in the pavilion, along with Clark & McGowen. Butterworth, Armstrong, Yarker didn’t offer much resistance on this occasion – 91 for 8 off 35. Adam Murphy & Sam Thompson produced a late partnership of 20 –

Cumbria 111 in 40 Overs


Brodie Glendinning & Adam Tiffin opened the attack – Good spell, Brodie unlucky, Adam taking 2 wickets, 23 for 2 off 8. The boys on top, another couple of wickets & Lancs could struggle. That brought 2 very strong bats to the crease Smith & Walkdon – We tried Clark, Murphy, Yarker & Thompson, all didn’t really trouble the pair - every time a bad ball went down it was sent with great speed over the boundary.

Lancashire 112 for 2 off 21.2


Today was a marked improvement on our last outing – Batsmen beginning to build an innings, transition from 20 over pairs to 40 Overs is beginning to sink in. We still lack with the running of quick singles & some with still have poor shot selection, throwing away their wickets. In the field we were lively & chatty – Disappointed that a couple were using feet to field the ball rather than bending & using their hands. Dave & I are looking forward to our trip to Cleveland next week already – They boys are beginning to gel as a team & understand what it means to play for Cumbria Schools Cricket Association.


Our thanks to everyone at Silverdale CC for making us welcome especially Simon Waterhouse who was down very early getting a superb wicket & ground prepared –

Thanks to Damian for scoring the 2nd half. Finally our behind the scenes gang, our splendid tea ladies once a gain an outstanding spread. Fortunately for us they have turned down a transfer request from the Lancs officials to prepare teas at future Lancs games. Thanks ladies the boys & management appreciate your loyalty…J



Cumbria Schools Cricket Association

u11’s  - 2013

Match Report





Tuesday 4th June


Silsden CC


Clear Sunny & hot



Yorkshire won the toss & elected to bat. 40 Over Match


Luke Armstrong & Jamie Butterworth Began the attack – Both were shown from the first over what happens to a bad ball at County level – Positively & Firmly deposited to the boundary. This set the tone for the full Yorkshire innings – Very strong positive batting, good running between the wickets throughout. Brodie, Robbie, Adam, William & Adam were all shown what happens to poor bowling…. The stats clearly show this.

We didn’t help ourselves throughout the Yorkshire innings with poor inconsistent fielding positions, not attacking the ball and taking catches. Openner F.Bean retired on 103, a fantastic knock for an 11 yr old.  

Yorkshire 293 for 2 off 40.  

Given the very hot day, the rapid outfield we did stick in for the full 40 overs, concentration levels were understandably challenged. Silsden had prepared a very very good wicket & we were looking forward to batting on it.


Once again Charlie Walker & new partner Oscar Link opened for Cumbria – Charlie failing to get forward to a very fast delivery in the 5th Over. Scot McGowen joined Oscar, they seen off the opening pair and the next pair of bowlers, 23 for 1 off 16 – Not as positive start as Yorkshire but a great improvement on previous games.


Sadly Scot began to push the score & was out caught – Owen followed him back next ball pushing at a ball – Caught Mid off. Oscar followed soon after, Will Clark was ran out without facing a ball and Robbie was stumped. Suddenly from a steady start we were 34 for 6. Our remaining wickets fell at regular intervals – All out in the 35th Over for 49.

Cumbria 49 All Out in 35.1 Overs


Today we came up against a very very strong Yorkshire team – Probably the best they have had during the current managers’ time in charge. All the Yorkshire lads had come through the District Player pathways and the County u10s. Presence on the pitch, running between the wickets bad ball punishment, etc etc all top notch. Many valuable lessons learnt – Fielding positions, especially Left / right hand combinations, defending a boundary when spinners are bowling, and alertness – reacting to a quick single.


Our thanks to everyone at Silsden for making us welcome – To our Scorers Mike & Damian for making our jobs a wee bit easier – And finally a note to the parents – yep sun cream / block on the lads, don’t forget your selves J



Cumbria Schools Cricket Association

u11’s - 2013

Match Report





Tuesday 21st May


Workington CC


Clear Sunny


Northumberland won the toss & elected to bat. 35 Over Match


Brodie Glendinning & Jamie Butterworth opened the Cumbrian attack – Both beating the outside edge many times but with no luck – in the opening spell we restricted Nothumberland to 11 from 8 Overs. Adam Tiffin & Oscar Link continued bowling a tight line supported by good fielding but sadly missing a few catches – 30 off 14 Over – Then the break though, solid catch by Owen Bell off the bowling of Oscar Link – 38 for 1 off 16 Overs. Will Yarker & Luke Armstrong joined the attack – Luke taking a wicket in his first over – 38 for 2 off 39. Adam Murphy, Scott McGowen, Then Brodie & Jamie were brought back into the attack – All unable to produce another wicket but managed to restrict Northumberland to 79 for 2 off 35. 


Given the damp outfield & generous boundaries we felt it would be a competitive total yet achievable give our preparation & previous game the outfield was drying – Hottest day of the year thus far – However the wicket was beginning to ‘pop’ in certain areas.


Once again Charlie Walker & Daniel Craghill opened for Cumbria – Sadly both were back in the pavilion inside 3 overs, Owen Bell & Sam Thompson joining them shortly after – a disastrous start – 13 for 4 off 5 overs. The wicket dip ‘pop’ for Charlie but poor shot selection accounting for the others. Patrick Savage (12) & Scot Mcgowen (22) steadied the innings – 42 partnership taking the score to 56 for 5 in the 18th.  Will yarker was out stumped giving a fellow spinner the charge, 61 for 6. Oscar Link & Luke Armstrong scored steadily & finished the game off in the 33rd Over.

Cumbria 80 for 8 in 33.2 Overs


Ten 10 – (Shorter boundaries)


Northumberland won the toss & elected to bat, posting 59 for 5, wickets for Will Yarker, Charlie Walker, Adam Murphy & Sam Thompson – Plus one run-out.

In reply Cumbria were very disappointing – All out for the poor total of 14 in our 10 Overs. Something we will be working on in the next few games.


In cricketing terms a fantastic day – 26 cricketers taking part – All ending the day with massive smiles and good memories of the trip to West Cumbria – Coaches getting to understand the players strengths more & more. Not forgetting the many many red faces around the ground given the strength of the sun.


Our thanks to everyone at Workington CC – Given that 50% of the  ground was under water on The previous Saturday the ground staff lead by Ken Reed did a Stirling job to get the match on. To our Scorer & ladies behind the scenes – a massive thank you for looking after the catering throughout the day. .



Cumbria Schools Cricket Association


U11'S- 2013


Match Report



West of Scotland u12’s


Sun 13th May


Gr.Corby CC, Nr Carlisle


Cloudy occasional light drizzle


West of Scotland Won the Toss, elected to Bat.


Brodie Glennridding & Adam Tiffin opened the Cumbrian attack – Tiffin taking the team’s first wicket in the 6th over thanks to a diving catch by the very busy Charlie Walker – 18 for one. Will Clark took the 2nd wicket of the day in the 9th over, 34 for 2. Three batting retirements followed (30), some strong hard hitting from the Scottish lads. Scott McGowen & Will Yarker each took wickets – Scotland ending on 140 off the 35 Overs. The score would have been considerably less had we held our catches and timed our diving stops. Our first long fielding stint was not in favourable conditions however the boys did well for the 35 overs

Scotland 140 for 4.


Charlie Walker & Daniel Craghill opened for Cumbria – Both looked solid in defence & were beginning to look to score when the Charlie was out for the 1st of 3 suicidal team run outs. Patrick Savage was the only player to reach double figures. Sadly we had some 4 ducks and no other batsman making any impression on the total. – The Scottish attack was strong, accurate & quite quick. Transition into an extended game is always a tough one but one we feel the boys will adapt to quite quickly given the experience of the day. 

Cumbria 33 All Out


Ten 10 – (Shorter boundaries)


Scotland won the toss & elected to bat, posting 76 for 5, wickets for Oscar Link, Adam Murphy, Sam Thompson & Will Clark – Sam Thopmson assisting in a run out.

In reply Cumbria made 54 for 5, Scott McGowen top scoring with 18, well supported by Robbie O’Neil & Will Clark. 


Not the best of conditions for our first game sadly 2 defeats to a strong Scottish team – Never the less we now have @80 overs of cricket under our belts – Good preparation for the season ahead.


Our thanks to everyone at Gt.Corby CC, a fantastic effort by all - The ground staff to get the pitch playable, the ladies who looked after the catering throughout the day and our own parents for their help & support during the game.





2012 was a very good season a result of much hard work by the players, with credit to all the coaching staff used throughout the winter / spring.  In addition the availability and quality of the Indoor & outdoor facilities all allowed the cricketers to develop their skills throughout the training period and thereby flourish in the summer. The nucleus of the side was made up of many of the players from the under 10 XI of the previous season and players who trialled well through the winter.


In general terms our fielding improved in every game, we showed we could bat in a positive way, and the variety of our bowling attack proved to be productive in many of our games. The number of quality batsman and bowlers in the squad gave us a number of difficult decisions throughout the season but to their credit all boys served the team well wherever they were asked to bat and bowl.  The teams produced many fantastic moments through the season, some of which are highlighted below.







2012 Squad

Henry Walker, Michael Thomlinson, Tarin Reay, Harry Preston, Eddie Lythgoe, Aidan VanderVyver, , Ethan Bickerdyke, , Lewis Keeler, Benjamin Atkinson, Johnathan Davidson, Billy Thompson, Ben Scott, Finlay Richardson, Theo Manihera


Results 2012


Northumberland Away

Hexham CC

23rd May

Northumberland 98 All out ( 31.5 Overs)

Cumbria 99 - 1


Eddie Lythgoe 22 Not Out

Ethan Bickerdyke 45 Not Out

Cumbria won by 9 Wickets –

Some good all round performances in the field & tight bowling restricted Northumberland to 98. We got off to the best possible start, an attacking 45 by Bickerdyke & a solid 22 by opener Lythgoe.


Lancashire Away

Garstang CC

13th June

Lancashire 172 – 4

Cumbria 159 - 7

Aiden Vandervyver 2 for 28

Jonathan Davidson 56 Not Out

Ben Scott 37

Eddie Lythgoe 26

An exciting game with us getting to within 13 of a strong Lancashire side. Main lesson learnt you need to be on top of your game in the field, do not drop catches & miss field giving away valuable runs. New boy Finlay Richardson looked competent behind the stump.

Team didn’t get off to a good start, but an exciting 80 run partnership between Davidson & Scott pulled the game round in our favour. Sadly the loss of Scott, Van dervyver & Watson in the space of 2 overs swung the game back in Lancashire’s favour.



Cleveland Home

Braithwaite CC

Wed 20th June

Cleveland 72 All out

Cumbria 75 for 6 (27th Over)

Harry Preston 3 for 9

Lewis Keeler 2 for 17

Jonathan Davidson 17

Ben Scott 25 Not Out

Cumbria won by 4 Wickets.

Cumbria was always in charge, great opening spells by Vandervyver & Scott, each taking a wicket. In the field we were sharp holding our chances and taking a run out.

We had a shaky start losing our first 4 wickets for 8 runs in 7 overs. Davidson played a patient innings scoring 17 (all singles) & Scott an impressive 25 Not out.


Cleveland Away

Woolviston CC

Tues 3rd July





No Play – Rain

Sadly due to lack of communications from Cleveland we travelled to find the game had been cancelled!!!. However we managed to utilise the nets & had a good coaching session


Yorkshire A Away

Keighly CC


Yorkshire 160 for 3

Cumbria 54 All Out (22nd Over)

Theo Manihera 2 for 17

Theo Manihera 2 for 17

Yorkshire won by 104

Yorkshires Rawlings 60 Not Out, and Ward 52 were the main scorers for Yorkshire 2 patient well constructed innings’.

Our reply was our poorest batting display of the season – Quite disappointing considering the strong performances in the first 3 games.



Northumberland Home

Workington CC

16th July

Cumbria 91 - 9

Northumberland 92 – 4

Ben Scott 22


Northumberland won by 6 wickets.

A game of 2 halves, Damp first innings, Northumberland finishing the game off in brilliant sunshine. Our batsmen were getting in getting comfortable but sadly loosing patience & inevitably their wickets.


Yorkshire Home

Kendal CC

3rd August

Yorkshire 148 – 9

Cumbria 60 All out

Henry Walker 2 for 18

Billy Thompson 2 for 5

2 x team run outs.

Jonathan Davidson 14

Tarin Reay 12


Yorkshire won by 88 Runs

Once again Yorkshire proved to be too strong for us – However the game seen the first of our amazing fight backs around a break in the game. At 94 for 1 in the 28th Over Yorkshire looked set for around 200. 3 wickets in 2 Overs halted the Yorkshire advance, 102 for 4 in 31. We got another 5 wickets in the remaining 14 overs. In reply Non of our batsman managed to make much impression on the game  - Our final warm up for the tour gave us a lot of pointers



First half of the season over – Dave & I learnt many many things about the players, all with the view to the pending tour, 4 games in 4 days at Ipswich. The team realised that Fielding was a very important in particular constant concentration. All gained understanding of right hand left hand batting combinations, setting field accordingly etc.  Every one in the squad had batted high up the order and at some time spent valuable time & overs at the wicket thus gaining in confidence all the time. Bowling was on the whole quite good, however the number of wides conceded were not.


It was heartening that when thanking the match officials & the ground representative they all commented on how polite & pleasurable the lads were on & off the field, something that they were to take on tour with them.