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HOW to purchase County and Area Squad Cricket clothing 2014


We are delighted to confirm that Surridge (with the support of their in house web shop designers Kalibazar)  will supply all our County and Area Squads Clothing for the 2014 season. We have agreed a range of County Age Group and Area Cricket clothing and have endeavored to keep the prices as low as possible. Surridge offer Quality clothing, at low cost with excellent customer service - delivery of your order within 4 working days.

We should point out that, as in previous years, there is NO obligation on players (or parents) to purchase any of these items. We are making this clothing available to ensure that any clothing worn by players is consistent across all County and Area squads, and also to help foster a team identity by providing players the opportunity to wear the same clothing.

If players (or parents) would prefer not to buy any of these items that is absolutely fine - in which case players should wear their club or school clothing. Players who purchased clothing in previous years, and who don't wish to purchase any more this coming season, are also free to continue wearing their previous clothing.


For ALL Clothing please click  HERE

The shop is up and running so if you want to have a look at images and make any purchases please feel free to shop away.

If you have any questions do please drop us an email; or if it's a question about ordering / delivery etc please email Kalibazar direct to: kalibazar@kalibazar.co.uk.


Boys Kit 






Kalibazar, official suppliers of Surridge teamwear to the Cumbria Cricket Board, offer a team clothing solution designed specifically for cricket clubs.

Kalibazar’s service removes all the cost and headache of volunteer time, bulk ordering and lengthy lead times.  

At no cost, Kalibazar builds a branded on-line store tailored to your clubs design and colour scheme.  The shop is accompanied by a rich set of on-line tools and reports that will help you administer the running of your shop.  

The often forgotten part of team clothing, is actually getting it delivered on time - Kalibazar's orders are shipped within 3 to 4 days of purchase.  

It is a solution designed to have no set up costs and no minimum orders. To see what your online shop could look why not take a look at someone else’s: http://www.kalibazar.co.uk/club/eversholt

For more details, or to get in touch go to www.kalibazar.co.uk

If you need any more support or advice on clothing suppliers please contact the County offices via 015395 60066