Inspire the Nation to Choose Cricket

Maintaining a strong, healthy and vibrant grass roots structure is vital to the future of cricket and the development of talented players to represent and maintain successful County & England teams.

Playing cricket must be safe and fun.

Coaches play a vital role in ensuring that cricket players are enthused, inspired, motivated and developed to their aspirations and potential.

ECB Community Coach Education (CCEd) provide an extensive range of high quality courses, expert tutors and world leading content to support coaches to be the best that they can be for the players they are coaching.


Becoming a Coach - be the best that you can be for the players that you coach

The ECB coaching pathway recognises that players are different and have different needs, and specifically recognises a difference between coaching children and coaching young people and adults.

Coaching is a challenging but enormously rewarding role in cricket and players need expertise, support and passion from coaches at every level of their development. By training as a coach you will be exposed to experiences, tasks, practices and sharing of ideas on courses which are designed to help equip you with the tools you need to meet your players’ needs.


To become a qualified Cricket Coach, you will first need to attend a UKCC Level 2 Certificate course. You can either chose to do the Young People & Adults (YPA) or Children Pathway


Already a Coach?

Whilst the new structure creates opportunities for new coaches to access the game of cricket it is also crucial that the structure helps to re-engage existing coaches and even those who may once have been involved but now, no longer are.

ECB Coach Education

A range of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) options as well as more clearly defined guidance for coaches working in different environments means that existing coaches are well catered for by both courses and resources which will offer opportunities for them to learn more about the thing they love, coaching.

Existing ECB coaches (all existing qualifications will continue to be recognised) will have many more opportunities to continue to engage or re-engage with coach education. Existing coaching roles with be examined in light of the new system, we will attribute minimum operating standards to coaching roles for coaches qualifying in the new structure.

Those coaches with existing ECB qualifications will be offered routes back into coach education by virtue of a combination of their coaching role, the qualification they hold and their coaching experience.

Existing Coaching Assistants and Level 1 Coaches will be prompted to take either the ECB Certificate in Coaching Children or the ECB Certificate in Coaching Young Players and Adults. Existing Level 2 coaches and beyond will be signposted to the appropriate coach education based on their current coaching role and experiences (accessing relevant Child or Young Person and Adult CPD, or a combination of both).

Qualification                                Next Available Qualifications

ECB Coach Assistant

ECB Certificate in Coaching Children (UKCC2) or
ECB Certificate in Coaching Young People & Adults (UKCC2)

ECB Level 1

ECB Certificate in Coaching Children (UKCC2) or
ECB Certificate in Coaching Young People & Adults (UKCC2)

ECB Coach Award,
ECB Level 2

ECB CPD in Coaching Children or
ECB CPD in Coaching Young People & Adults or
ECB Coaching in Schools

ECB Club Coach Award

ECB Performance Coach (UKCC3)

ECB Level 3

ECB Performance Coach Modules or
ECB Master Coach (UKCC4)