Child Welfare

The England and Wales Cricket Board is firmly and enthusiastically committed to ensuring that cricket provides a safe, friendly and enjoyable experience for all children.

Safeguarding in Cricket is based upon the concept of providing an enjoyable cricket environment that is tailored to the needs and requirements of children.

The Safeguarding Policy is not just to protect children in cricket, it is to introduce good practice, raise awareness and provide piece of mind.

ECB has produced Safe Hands - Cricket’s Policy for Safeguarding Children - which can be downloaded from

This Safeguarding and Child Protection section contains full details of that Policy and other relevant documentation - plus advice and information on Vetting Checks (more commonly known as Criminal Records Bureau checks).

ECB's Child Protection Team

Within Cumbria we have two County Welfare Officers, Mark Cameron and Neil Swainson, who deal with all incidents relating to child protection, as do the team of Club Welfare Officers who have been nominated and put forward for training by the Clubs. Nomination of a Club Welfare Officer is compulsory if a club is a member of the League and if a name is not put forward the Chairman has to act as Welfare Officer.

This applies to all Clubs not just those with a junior section. Neil and Marc can be contacted via email. 

Mark Cameron     -

Neil Swainson - 


If you have Child Safeguarding concerns you should:

·         Report any information or concerns to your Club Welfare Officer

·         Ensure that you have obtained as much information about your concerns or an incident as possible

·         Complete an Incident Reporting Form (195 KB) and submit it to the County Welfare Officers

·         Ensure that any umpire reports or statements accompany this information

·         Contact the Police/Ambulance/Children’s Social Care/LADO immediately if any child is in danger or has been hurt at the club and then report the matter to the County Welfare Officer

League Discipline

Until the introduction of the ECB Safe Hands Policy it was the responsibility of a League to discipline any person who had offended against a person regardless of age.

However, with the introduction of the ECB Safe Hands Policy it is not the responsibility of those in cricket to determine whether abuse of a child or young person has taken place but it is their responsibility to report it.

Any incident that takes place during the course of a cricket match that results in verbal, physical or sexual assault on a person

Under the age of 18 years must be referred to the County Welfare Officer for advice. An Incident Reporting Form (195 KB) must be completed.




Further information can be found in Kit Bag 4 in Section 3 of the Safe Hands Policy – Responding to, Reporting and Recording Concerns (253 KB)

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